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Melinda W.

Dr. Hurtado is the best dentist in Santa Barbara. His attention to detail and concern for his patients is unlike any dentist I have ever seen. The staff work hard to create a comfortable environment for his patients and, last but not least his office is a 10 minute walk from the beach!!

Randy W. (Google+ Reviewer)

Extremely professional, Great Dentist. Office is clean and uses all of the latest technology. I have been to many different Dentist and without a doubt Dr. Hurtado has provided the best level of service.

Lorraine M.

Being new to Santa Barbara, I booked with Dr Hurtado for a second opinion after a disappointing visit elsewhere. I was very happy with the service, from the helpful ladies at reception to Dr. Hurtado himself. He is friendly, gentle and explains things very well. A very professional establishment and I am happy to say that I will continue treatment there.

Nicolas G. (Google+ Reviewer)

Best Dentist Ever!! I went there today and had my cleaning preformed. Very warm friendly people and Dr. Alejandro Hurtado himself preformed the work on me. I was very impressed with the high-tech instruments they used! I will always go here from now! I had a million funny questions to ask that would have driven anyone else mad, but he took his time and answered all of them with ease. Also saw him taking great care whilst working on a shy child that was not to happy about the dentist. He distracted the child with some fun stuffed toys and got him taken care of. Wow what a guy! I'm a strong believer in quality, I believe anything quality will always find its way in our community. The rest of the dentist out there are not only more expensive but also very aggressive when they work. Dr. Hurtado was very precise and gentle. Thank you again Dr. Alejandro!!

Jennifer P.

Santa Barbara, CA Dental Patient

I highly recommend Dr. Hurtado! If you are unsatisfied with your current dentist or are searching for a new dentist in Santa Barbara, Dr. Hurtado is the one to choose. There are various reasons why Dr. Hurtado is a great choice and here are a few examples from my pleasant experience: (a) Dr. Hurtado is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic to answer any of your questions (b) his work is top-quality (c) he is very professional, but also welcoming creating a comfortable atmosphere for his patients and staff (d) likewise, the staff is kind and friendly (e) his office is conveniently located downtown and beautifully decorated- reflective of his success with returning clients. To elaborate, my experience was exceptional as a result of Dr. Hurtado's conservative approach to dental corrective procedures and responsiveness to my concerns. Prior to Dr. Hurtado, I went to the same dentist in my hometown for 20 years and was naturally apprehensive about choosing a new dentist. I take great care of my teeth and have fortunately not encountered any serious issues; however, I severely grind my teeth causing major damage. As a consequence, I have grinded holes in my back molars necessitating fillings. I opted to not receive local anesthetic and was still so relaxed when he was replacing my filling that I almost fell asleep! More importantly, my two front teeth have suffered small, but multiple chips due to nightly grinding. I was previously informed that there was nothing to do to restore the teeth other than replacement with veneers. To my pleasant surprise, Dr. Hurtado performed a conservative procedure where he applies bonding to fill in the fractures and strengthen the teeth. Notably, he spent an impressive amount of time smoothing out the teeth to guarantee a flawless appearance. I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Hurtado's work and work ethic. It is obvious that he enjoys and takes pride in his work, which translates into very happy customers. As I previously said, Dr. Hurtado is a great choice. This is supported by the fact that prior to this occasion, I have never spent the time to write up a review about anything or any person or business on any website, but the ease of my experience motivated me to share with others. I read multiple reviews of dentists before I made my selection, so hopefully this will help others- maybe you-make a well-informed decision.

Ana C. (Yelp Reviewer)

If I could give this office more than 5 stars, I would! From the moment you come in to this beautiful office, you are greeted by bright smiling faces in such a professional manner. They helped me figured out my insurance information so I could get any questions I had answered and informed me of everything I needed to know. Meeting Dr Hurtado made me understand why his office is the way it is, such a professional welcoming environment. He made my visit very fun but very informative. By far the best office I have ever been to! If you were wondering who to go to, Dr. Hurtado's Dentistry is the answer.

Julio C. (Google+ Reviewer)

Best in Santa Barbara by far!!! High quality and very profesional dentistry! This amazing team took care of all my dental work and now I'm a very happy man. Coming in for an appointment with Dr. Hurtado and his staff is very relaxing and enjoyable. They make you feel right at home every single time! Thank you so much and keep up the good work :)

Nataly V. (Google+ Reviewer)

Dr. Hurtado, his team, and the clinic itself is wonderful. Like so many people, I have always been afraid of going to the dentist but I have never ever had a bad experience at their clinic before. They work extremely fast and carefully and I am convinced that they are not out for the money of working on your teeth; they simply want to give you a healthy and wonderful smile. Also, they manage to connect on a personal level by being very outgoing and even after my first visit, Dr. Hurtado has managed to remember the smallest details about me just from what I have told him during my previous visit. It makes me very welcome and also makes it possible for me to trust him and his team and to feel comfortable in their clinic.

Google+ User

Dr. Hurtado is a very knowledgeable and great dentist. Office staff is pleasant. Will be recommending this dentist to friends and family.

Google+ User

Dr. Hurtado is a great dentist. I was so shy about my smile but know my smile is great. I am so happy with this dentist. Especially that they treat me so well, I feel welcome everytime I visit the dentist.

Google+ User

Over the past several months, I had some minor and major work that needed to done on my teeth, and I am so glad that I had crossed paths with Dr. Hurtado. I have found that there's a unique trust that needs to be built between a dentist and a patient, and Dr. Hurtado has earned mine. And I don't say that so absolutely about many doctors. He earned my trust and respect not only by doing excellent work, but by always being professional and patient with handling my many questions and concerns. This is where his years of experience shined - although he does this work every day, he understood that much of this information was new to me, and he took the time to help me understand my own teeth and what was going on with them. I have the sense that he makes his job look easy because he is simply a person who is doing what makes him happy - and this creates not only happy smiles, but a better community for all of us. When you have this kind of genuine person at the head of an office, the rest of the staff tend to also bring forward that same level of service, and I found that to be true with Dr. Hurtado's staff. It's the most all-around enjoyable dental experience I have ever had!

Alex C

My experience at Dr.Hurtado dentistry was an overall exceptional job

Benoit CB

Best dentist In Santa Barbara!
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